Old timers have told me to just plant more and learn to live with the little demons. I do plant a little extra for the gophers, but I’d rather not.
Scare em
Sadly, most of the scare tactics I attempted have had limited results.I’ve tried pouring two mixtures, one of fresh cayenne and soapy water and the other of castor oil and soapy water, around my plants all along their beds. This seemed to work like a charm for the intended bed, but the gophers only showed up next door in my tomatoes. If your garden is small enough this will work, but if you have 30 beds, it can become a chore. In an effort to avoid this constant mixing and applying, I have companion-planted castor bean plants in my rows. Unfortunately, the results were nearly the same; any plants within a few feet of the castor beans were OK, but my vegetables were at risk again outside the protective influence of the castor bean’s dense root system. Gophers are said to shy away from plantings of scilla(squill) bulbs, so you might try those as well. I have not been pleased with thumpers, windmills or bottles thrust down holes in the runs; the gophers seem to grow used to them. Collect your cat’s poop (ewww!) and drop it down their holes – this will often get them running. more