Life in the country has it’s own rhythm.  It’s own “reality” even.  Let me explain…

We have two local markets.  The one is Garberville is Sentry (it’s actually a Ray’s now but it’s still Sentry to anyone who knows).  The store in the neighboring town of Redway is the same way, it’s Murshes but actually it’s ShopSmart.  Basically, if you ask a local how to get to the nearest grocery store, you better not be looking for a sign!  But then again, neither of the towns are big enough to miss the one market in either of them.

Usually the locals here are considerate and nice.  But if a tourist happens to be somewhat annoying (or not even – we don’t really care for tourist even though they do bring in the majority of our clientele) and they ask for directions we will give them the “long way around”.  To be honest, I’ve never Actually done this but I’ve certainly been tempted.  “Well now you need to turn around just ‘head there, go back through town and take the right after the freeway exit, now continue up that road about say…a mile, maybe it’s more then that, it’s right past the driveway with the large turnaround in front and the old pile of gravel, well the gravel’s gone but it’s that driveway, only don’t take that one…keep going until the ridge flattens out and on the other side you’re gonna take a right onto a dirt road. Keep going that way for about an hour…maybe two if you get stuck behind some cows..and that’ll take you right to Myers Flat.”

(In reality, Myers Flat is about 10 miles/10 minutes North on the Freeway 😉

When we were about 16, M and I heard about an old cemetary that was supposed to be up a road near where she lived.  Seeing as we were rather courageous (or stupid, you decide) we wanted to go check it out.  So one Saturday we went for a drive.  We had no idea where it was supposed to be, we just knew it was out this road…somewhere.  We kept an eye on the side of the road and drove.  When we saw the first No Trespassing sign we didn’t think anything of it.  They are EVERYWHERE here, and so we continued on.  Then another passed, and another.  Again we kept going, at least we Thought about turning around, but figured we’d come this far and we Really wanted to see this cemetary.  After the sixth No Trespassing sign (and I think at least one Trespassers Will Be Shot sign) we decided to turn around.  As we made our three point turn I glanced out the window and there it was!  The Cemetary!  Well of a sorts anyway, it turned out to be nothing but a little pet cemetary.  Maybe two kinda sorta headstones all grown over with vines and moss.  We laughed, and couldn’t believe we went through ALL that trouble for nuttin’!