As we all know, part of blogging is reading others blogs.  I think that’s my favorite part.  Especially going on others blogs and reading the comments other people leave.  I think it’s a great way to find new people to track.  So here are three of my favorite blogs right now.  Hope you like them too!

Steph, from Steph’s Green Space is located in Malaysia (which I just found out, way cool!).  She’s young, fresh, and interesting.  I found her cause she found me and commented, we have the same name which we both thought was funny.  And there ya go, that’s all it takes to start reading a blog, especially when it’s got pretty pictures.  Almost every post has pictures of flowers in it (makes sense since flowers bloom there Year Round!).

The Northwest Nature Nut (totally cute name) is one of my favorite blogs right now.  She always has new pretty pictures (usually taken by Mr. Nut, as she so lovingly calls him) and she’s based in Portland, where I used to live so it’s nice to see pictures and hear stories about a place I know and love too!  She is definitely an animal lover, and captures some really great bird pictures.

With fair warning, she isn’t posting a lot lately but she’ll be back soon, and I still love this blog.  Recession Depression Therapy (another great name!) is written by Neighbor Nancy.  She’s playful, interactive and informative.  I really like the way she adds little descriptions of herself and offers you muffins and coffee/tea.  She writes about what is important to her which makes it interesting for me (and you).

Thanks for the great reads ladies!  Keep up the good work!