Mexico is fantastic. It’s the morning after we arrived and right now I am sitting at the foot of my brothers’ moms bed typing on my computer while my dad, his ex-wife (i.e. brothers’ mom) and her husband all play on their computers. If Bill (brothers’ moms’ husband) had a Mac too we would be a commercial for Apple machines!

We are an example of extended family love like no other. Joan (brothers’ mom) has been like an aunt to me my entire life. I met Tobys’ (brother) fiance Cristina and she is a doll. Jairo, my new nephew is so sweet and mellow. Babies really do just eat, poop and sleep. In that order! But I love him already. What am I saying, I loved him before I even met him. Both Grandpa’s are completely in love. You can barely get them to put him down.

I haven’t taken to many pictures yet, but as soon as I do I’ll show you all how adorable we all are. And how beautiful Mexico is. The pool out back is tiled in aqua green and warm all the time from the sun. With palm trees and flowers every where, it’s like a little oasis right in our backyard.

Oh, and before I forget. Yesterday (our very first day) and the estuary caught (or possibly was set) on fire. It was amazing to watch. The flames were 100 ft high and burned for hours. It was sad but impressive.

Until next time.