I think I may have mentioned I recently moved into my childhood home.  It has two small fruit tree orchards and a large vegetable garden.  Only problem is, I can’t plant anything without the deer having a field day!  There are multiple places the fence has fallen down and the deer can get in.   A few were caused by trees falling, one huge hole was created by PG&E and Davey Tree, when they had to fix a downed power line.  And a couple are just simple wear on the fencing itself.

So yesterday my Dad and one of our employees (who is also a great friend of mine) came over to walk the fence line.  We cleared a path along the entire thing so it can be accessed when we actually do the fencing itself.  We made a parts list aswell.  We need over 100 new posts.  Almost the entire length of fence needs to have an extension added to the top, bottom or both, and a good portion needs to be replaced entirely.

It sounds like my fence is a complete disaster.  But it only took three hours to walk and clear the entire thing.  And although a big portion needs to be worked on, a good length of it is just fine.

We are ordering the necessary parts today and hopefully the project will be finished in the next two weeks.  I’m going to ask a bunch of my friends to come over and help.  Some good food, a little beer, hopefully a day without rain, and the whole fence will come together in a snap.

(BTW, “Creek” is what we call my homestead because of where it is located.)