My father has been tossing around the idea of creating Bonsai as one of our items for sale, but he has never taken any real steps to begin the process.  The first time he mentioned it I thought it sounded like a very cool idea.

It’s the time of year we begin planning for Spring Sales.  We’ve been discussing what products we want to focus on and make available to our customers by March.  And I got interested in taking the first steps to begin our Bonsai product.

Steve gave me two books on Bonsai.  The big one is a little daunting so I started flipping through the smaller of the two books.  I read the first few pages then flipped to the section about different types of plants which are ideal for making Bonsai.  And we already have a few.  I pulled three Wysteria, three Magnolia and three Oregon White Oaks to begin experimenting on.

Although the book lays the process out step by step, I am a little nervous to begin.  The first step is to basically butcher the tree.  You cut off the branches to increase branch formation closer to the trunk.  You trim off a large section of the roots to increase new root production and incourage the tree to grow without gaining much in height.  Once I have this step done I can begin wiring the branches into place.  It seems easy enough on paper, but I think it’s going to be harder then it looks.

The nine Bonsai candidates.

Unfortunately we won’t have any Bonsai ready by this March.  But within two years, if all goes well, we should be able to put them up for sale!  And I believe our long awaited efforts will be well worth it.