The new year is rushing along – Spring is only 6 weeks away. Our Pacific Northwest rain is hammering down on us , as it has for the last couple of weeks. Don’t want to complain too loudly, since we need the water. But, even so, MileWide is making progress on our winter projects.

Our biggest project this year is refurbishing the olive orchard water system. We just got a break – three dry days. Yesterday we finished laying 8000 linear feet of ditch and pipe – now we are getting ready to glue and plumb the pipe and cover up all those ditches. Its going faster than I thought.

Our greenhouse and solar panels in the background.

Our website is in need of a revision and we will be working on that for our upcoming Spring sales. Somehow it always seems to turn into a bigger project than I want.

In the nursery, we are starting up our first veggies in a spare greenhouse bed and getting everything ready for action in the Spring. We just started forcing our hydrangeas and potting up our succulents. Both are available on our website. We are expecting our shipment of red Japanese Maple starts around the first of March.

And, as is usual in the Winter, we end up spending plenty of time on our infrastructure – repairing water worn roads and replacing frost shattered pipes (don’t I wish I had buried those). Our well petered out last Fall and we plan to revisit our entire water system. We will be looking for ways to just squeeze every last drop out of what we have. No water, no farm.

Well, that’s pretty much about all you probably want to know about Winter here at MileWide Nursery. If I think of more I just have to tell you, I’ll post again.