Yesterday afternoon I was working at my parents house, doing computer work and bills and stuff.  My father had a massage appointment and was getting ready to leave the house.  He was going to take his two Rottweilers with him like he normally does, but since I was there he decided to leave them at home.  He put them in the house with me and drove away.

I folded some laundry and checked some email, thinking enough time had passed I let the dogs out.  Immediately I noticed them looking in the direction Steve had driven, but I told them to stay and went back inside.  I packed up my stuff and headed to my car.  And as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the dogs were gone.

“Shoot!” I thought (edited for sensitive eyes) and headed out to look for them.  My dog, Basil, was with them so I started calling her name.  I drove out the top road, thinking they couldn’t have gotten far but didn’t find them.  So I headed back to my parents house, thinking maybe they circled around.  Nope.  So I went to the barn, not there.  Finally I drove down to my brothers house.  Not there either.  So I went back to the barn, told one of our employees to keep an eye out for them and please take care of my dog for the night if they showed up.  “No problem” she said, and I headed on my way home…knowing I was bound to find them on the road.

Every corner I drove around I expected to see them.  And no dogs.  I was almost to the end of the road and I was starting to get really worried.  If they made it all the way to the pavement, they were in trouble.  People drive fast and carelessly on that road, they could get hurt.  And they are three beautiful and sweet dogs, they might let anyone pick them up!

I was coming around the last corner before the gate and I see one of our neighbors parked.  She’s next to her truck throwing little chunks of bread at Basil trying to get her to come to her.  Basil is just jumping around, playing hard to get, and a little frightened.  I run up and grab her, thanking my neighbor.  She said she saw the other two dogs running up the road.  We both hoped in our trucks and headed after them.

They were only a couple hundred feet away from the pavement when we finally caught up to them.  They were both exhausted and rather happy to see me.  Oona, the younger of the two, immediately tried to jump in the back of my car.  She’s huge and almost didn’t make it.  Xara, our old girl, needed help getting up.

And there I was, a 70lb Doberman and two 100lb + Rottweilers squeezed into the back of my SUV.  It was quite a sight I’m sure.

I drove into town, knowing where Steve was, and loaded them into the back of his truck.  I left him a voice mail explaining what happened, which of course he didn’t get until after he saw the dogs in the back of his truck.  But now we know, Just take them with you Steve, ’cause that’s where they want to be.