Cucumber beetles (Diabrotica spp.- spotted and striped)

spotcukeThanks Univ of Kentucky

Recommended cucumber beetle IPM (Integrated Pest Management plan)

1. spray pyganic (pyrethrum insecticide) – kills flying beetles

2. drench with nematodes – attacks larve eating roots

3. hang yellow cards/ with clove scent – catches flying beetles


Tips on changing your growing environment –

– ID the spotted and stripped beetles – make sure you are treating for the targeted pest

– plant later in year – the infestation could be lighter

– cultivate soil – disturbs the eggs

– use heavy compost mulch – makes it difficult for the pests to move around

– use row covers – makes it difficult for the pests to move around


Other possible options –

– interplant marigolds as trap crops

– spray with compost tea

– use a dolomite/wood ash wash

– use kaolin clay spray under the leaves (cryolite/Kryocide 96W) – needs regular application

– use diatomaceous earth – needs regular application

– yellow sticky cards (with clove, cinnamon or bay leaf scent) – really does catch the pests. We recommend that you cut the yellow cards into wide strips and tie them to short bamboo stakes and place along your veggie bedsd

– use an insecticide off the ranch shelves – pyrethrum-based  – like  bifithrin

– use rotenone powder or Sevin 4F as knock down sprays if you need – very good summary of information