One nice evening while working at a restaurant on a Florida beach, a youthful Caribbean man walked up to me and we started talking. Somehow his age came up in our conversation. He looked at least twenty years younger than he said, his skin looked amazing. I asked, “How do you look so great?” He looked at me, “You really want to know?” I nodded and smiled. He looked around slyly, leaned in and said, “An old secret from my island; blend up the inside of one aloe leaf, half a pineapple and the juice of three lemons. Have a shot of it every morning.” He leaned back smiling. I leaned in and whispered, “Thank you.” Just then his table was ready..

Cut off a leaf of your Aloe Plant (don’t have one? Get one from us! Over at Milewide Nursery.
Now scoop the goo from inside the Aloe Leaf and put it into your blender..


Cut up half a Pineapple
Put the pieces inside your blender

Cut up 3 lemons, juice em’, put it into the blender

Now blend!!!

Enjoy one shot of this little concoction every morning! Tastes best when served in beautiful little cups..


Enjoy your Elixir of Life!!

– ashley