For me, I have always lived a Mediterranean diet or close to. My Nana and my aunts all cooked off the boat Sicilian. And just like you read, the diet is based around what was available around the Mediterranean Sea for thousands of years. This includes olive oil, garlic, vegetables and seafood – we might mention, lots of vegetables. My Nana made eggplant melanzane that just rolled in olive oil; my Dad, an old North Dakota guy, was deeply suspicious of all that oil. But it has turned out that a couple tablespoons of olive oil a day is really very good for you.


The health benefits aren’t some old wife’s tale and quite a bit of research has floated to the top on the subject. Olive oil offers antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties; it helps the cardiovascular system and, generally, offers antioxidant and ibuprofen-like effects as well. Not only is the oil to die for, but many of these benefits can come from olive leaf extract and, perhaps, even from olive oil processing water.
The phytonutrient in olive oil, oleocanthal, acts like ibuprofen; but it isn’t the only virtue to the oil. Olive oil use, partly because it lowers your use of other oils and butter, lowers general levels of total blood cholesterol. Oxidative stress causes aging, general deterioration and weakens the body in the face of cancer but olive oil is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Olive oil also very high in monounsaturated fat, which has a much lower oxidizing effect on the body. Olive oil also decreases blood pressure, helps in diabetes control, helps with osteoporosis by improving bone mineralization and calcification.
NOW that you have some small idea of what olive oil and olive leaf extract is about, you need to check out the links below. These go into detail about what we have just touched on. is a commercial website, but you can explore their information for free. If you want to try the extract out, you can purchase a bottle from these folks right away. But, Milewide Nursery has just bottled up its first olive leaf extract, which you can try when it is ready. Milewide uses fresh picked leaf from our olive orchard – grown using natural and sustainable techniques. We will let you know on this blog.
Dr. Amanda Jackson has compiled an excellent essay on the benefits of olive leaf extract. The essay seems to be available at several web sites – here is one:
Well worth the read…

It isn’t hard to make a tincture. Fill a clean mason jar with olive leaf (or rosemary leaf or whatever) and then pour the jar full with grain alcohol (Everclear). Let it sit in a dark place for a month. Turn it over every couple of days. Watch in case the alcohol level drops a little as the leaves absorb it – you may want to add a little more to top off. Alcohol tincture can’t go bad, but it can evaporate.