Our property supports quite a few indigenous trees as well as those we grow in the nursery. Winter is a really different time to observe our trees. Many people may think of trees and forests as empty or dead in the winter – nothing could be further from the truth.

Early spring fir forest

Our rugged firs dominant our forest. Everything else somehow seems to fit around them.

buckeyeFlower_0963-webThe California buckeye shares the forest with the fir. For most of the year, the buckeye is really an attractive tree – but for at least a season, it is UGLY.

Buckeye sprouted into ground

Big seeds, eh?

BuckeyeQuite the presentation. And, no, I am not going show you the UGLY.


Yeah, I know; it’s not really on our ranch – I think it is Triassic and I thought it was too cool and had to show you. Still, our madrone looks a little Triassic, all clumped up, anyway.


Then, again, our nursery has some pretty interesting trees as well.


We will be posting more photo studies of our forest. Stay tuned.