Moment Eins

Arrived in Humboldt County and felt this big green on the left and on the right – all around me. I know this situation, being out there in the woods. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Where do you get this dimension, a sense of a wild forest in Germany?For sure there are some places in a smaller way. For example, the “hainich“ nearby my hometown.It’s a primeval forest and one of the last refuges of the european wildcat.But this ecosystem here is the very bigger brother.

At least it feels like it.

Moment Zwei

In this strange environment, I immediately see all this newness – new plants, animals, beings… atmosphere.

Me gusta.

Moment Drei

Its rainy and we fix the roof of our Tin Shed – our place to sleep. A fir crashed down in a storm and one of the branches poked through the roof into our new home.

We fixed it.


Further, it’s just fun to work here these first days.

I found this out automatically, the fun showing itself in fulfilling jobs. It’s just a good thing to support farms, where the people are treating the earth right.

So, I`m ready to work hard, guys. =)


And it’s much more fun for me, to see what a crowd of processes are turned on the whole time.

Technical processes. We need light here and we need power there.

Social processes. Being & working with each other in a team.

Natural processes. Everything that’s happening outside of our “cave“.


We planted garlic from the greenhouse to the outside beds.

We replanted bananas from their beds to the gravel.

Ready to sell bananas, people.


I’ve gotten a bunch of information the first days – a lot of things to know.

Of course.


When I was in Germany before I started this trip, on the one hand I was more into visual arts, on the other hand I wanted to learn more about gardening. Two things, in a certain way two things of a higher meaning. To have an authentic and real democracy in a country, you need free farmers & free artists. Because then, in an ideal way, you can satisfy natural needs outside of economic forces.

And you will have IDEAS.


Just started reading “The Spell of the Sensuous“ by David Abram.


sitting. Writing. Drawing. Smoking. Eating. Drinking.

Sitting. Drinking. eating, writing. Drawing. Smoking.

 – yoquiero