Happy hump day! Now that we have introductions out of the way, let’s start with the fun “how to” posts.  Today we will focus on the beautiful succulent plants, what are they and how do you care for them?

Succulents typically have thick, juicy & fleshy leaves, they thrive in dry warm climates. Although succulents do not require a lot of attention, you will need to ensure proper watering for best growth and flowering.  Don’t be fooled, succulents still  need a little tender loving care so beware, don’t let your plants sit in water too long as the roots will start to rot and your lovely plant may die.


Most succulents will not endure freezing temperatures as the water which is stored in their leaves will turn to mush or the plant will die, hence why they thrive in warmer dry climates.  Your succulents will tell you when they are lacking in sunlight as their color will be dull or green.  When fully blushing the plants can range in colors from pinks, oranges, purples, some red and some almost black making arrangements bright and colorful.


Let’s chat about propagation and how you can add to your already beautiful plant, or garden.  The Sedums and Echeverias can propagate with either a leaf or a cutting, the Aeoniums will propagate from a cut.

To propagate from a leaf, gently twist the leaf off the stem, try to get as close to the stem as possible.  If you’re cutting, first be sure your pruning shears are sharpened, you can either cut off a leaf close to the stem or cut off a new shoot.  Once you have your leaf/cut you’ll want to give them ample time to dry, between 1-3 days, the cut area will be callused at this point.  Although these plants don’t require a lot of water, the cuts do!  Be careful of placing your cuts in the soil so as not to over saturate, a suggestion would be to add perlite & stones to the soil.  Although times may vary, your cuts should start to root and new leaves will grow within several weeks.


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